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How to Make Money Online in Nigeria Doing legitimate online Business


How To Make Money Online In Nigeria with Ease. Get Amazing Secrets And learn How To Make Money In Nigeria online doing legitimate Online business and get Paid to Your Bank account from your Home. Join me as I uncover 2 Money Making Business niche that will give you an edge financially in 2015, I will personally teach what it take to earn a reliable income online in Nigeria working 4-5 hours daily.          



But how can you make money online in Nigeria by just simply sharing PDF files, photo, video that can be found free of charge on?       

How To Make Money online In Nigeria Flipping Websites That Earn You $1,000 monthly.

My name Is Peter Effiong and I have been doing Online business for the past 16 years.


One of the easiest Ways to make money online in Nigeria is by flipping websites for instant cash. By flipping website I mean creating a small content website and within 1 month  have sold it for over $100. I can do this day in and day out.


Each of this kinds of website can be done in 2-3 days, that means you can create 4 to 8 websites and sell monthly for $100 each.  there are 1000 of people looking for such website to buy online daily and I will show you how to go about it.

If you are not familiar with flipping websites, it simply means either
creating or buying a website and then selling it on to make a profit.
The way I have been doing it is by creating small content sites like....

 yes i will show you where to buy website for just $30 to $50, then do little modification and SEO, next sell it for profit with 30 days.
In a couple of hours and then selling them on the forums at for instant Paypal Cash. People love content
sites with unique content and I give it to them in droves.
But that is not what I am going to talk about in this report. (If you want
to learn how to flip websites for instant cash, check out

In this report I am going to show you how to turn simple websites into
cash sucking machines, then selling them on for huge profits. People
go nuts for these types of sites and will pay thru the nose.
Turning Flipping Websites Into A $1,000 A Month Business
People will pay for good online businesses, whether they are content
sites, membership sites, forums or even information products. People
will pay 10 times more if those businesses are profitable, EVEN

A website sold a content site last year that took the creator a couple of days to create for $800. That site was - It had about 70
pages of unique content all about backyard landscaping and
landscaping in general.

my mentor sold a content site on Ancient Greece with over 100 pages of
content for $300 which took me a day to create. That site was

So why the big difference in prices? Because one site was profitable
and the other was not. was making $17 a
month with Adsense and had top 10 rankings in Google and MSN
when It was sold.

Want to know the funny thing tho? I did absolutely no work to
promote, so basically, I did less work then
the Ancient Greece site but made nearly 3 times as much.
People love profitable sites that run on autopilot! They will pay thru
the nose.

All I did to get profitable was submit it to
MSN and Google manually. That's right. I did nothing else and within
2 to 4 weeks I had a top 3 listing in MSN for its main keyword and
within 2 months top 10 in Google. It is now number #1 in Google for
it's main keyword at the time of writing this.

Now imagine if you created 100 of these sites? That's what I am
going to show you how to do today. Not only with content sites, but
with information products and membership sites. (You can flip just
about any website but I like these 3 the best)

A new membership site on a niche topic with only 72 members
paying $9.95 a month for over $8000. You might not think that is a lot,
but the site took me 3 days to create and was under 1 month old.
Video sites are hot. a guy sold a video series on how to flip websites for $6000, that took him just 4 hours to make.

I love instant cash and I talk all about it at my new membership site

The Step By Step Guide To Making money online Creating simple Content
Sites that even a secondary school student can do with ease.

1. Find A Niche

Some people agonize over finding a niche. They feel like they're
committing themselves to a particular topic, and don't want to get it
wrong. Well, I've got news for you. You're going to get some of them
wrong. You can't get everything right 100% of the time, so some
things will fail. The important this is to do something , because the
only guarantee of failure is not trying.

The way I find a niche is simple, and it doesn't have to be any harder
for you. I first pick out a few topics I think might work. One source is a
newsletter I subscribe to called, which is a free
resource that, funny enough, sends me a new niche topic every day.
Here are some other great resources to get you started:
Check the Ebay categories and sub categories
One problem that many people have is that they think of a niche as a
sport, or activity, or medical condition, or something of that nature. It's
not. A niche is a group of people that have something in common, like
soccer, bridge, arthritis, or something of that nature.

For your niche to be profitable, you have to be able to find that group
of people, and they have to be able to find you. So if I'm going to
target the fly fishing niche, then there should be forums talking about
fly fishing and other places where I might come across some fly

There are some other factors that play into determining what is a
good niche. It's better if the people in the market you're targeting
have money to spend, for obvious reasons. Even if you're not selling
something, some niches are more lucrative than others. Medical
terms, for example, pay better in Google's AdSense program
because they attract a higher cost per click. And it's probably better if
the niche doesn't bore you to tears!

2. Do Keyword Research To Expand On The Niche
Before jumping in, it's best to check out the competition. You can
start with some keyword research. This is another topic that horrifies
some people, but I'm going to give you a simple, straight-forward way
to do this right.

Here is an example straight from my business. Using the resources I
listed above (and keeping in mind that medical terms are lucrative,
i.e. produce instant cash when used correctly), I decided to
concentrate on hypertension. We need to check out some keywords
and the level of competition to narrow this down.

The keyword "hypertension" has 35,000,000 competing websites as
listed by Google. Yes, 35 million. (To check this, simply go to Google,
put the term you want to search in double quotes, and see how many
results Google returns.) That means I'm not going to get on the first
page of Google unless I go to medical school and become a worldrenowned
expert in hypertension. We need to dig deeper.

Let's pull up a list of related keywords to kick this process into gear.
Remember, this stuff doesn't have to be complicated, you just have to
take a few steps.

A great free tool can be found at:
This will give you a list of keywords related to any search term. This
will work fine for us. If you want to get more complicated, you can get
a subscription to (Hint: if you can't make money
with the free tools, the paid ones won't do anything for you! These
steps are all you need.)

So what I have done is put "hypertension" into that search box and
this is just a sample of what it returned. (It uses both Overture search
results and Wordtracker search results. I take the best results from
hypertension 1,389.0/day
pulmonary hypertension 338.0/day
hypertension symptoms 103.0/day
portal hypertension 72.0/day
malignant hypertension 54.0/day
what is hypertension 44.0/day
symptoms of hypertension 37.0/day
primary pulmonary hypertension 36.0/day
sleep apnea and hypertension 36.0/day
clinical trials with sildenafil and pulmonary hypertension 33.0/day
diet for hypertension 32.0/day
herbal dietary supplement cause hypertension 28.0/day
pregnancy induced hypertension 28.0/day
episodic hypertension 25.0/day
hypertension medications 25.0/day

We're going to choose a main keyword phrase that will be the
foundation for our domain name (explained in the next step). It should
have less than 100,000 competing websites when you search it in
quotes in Google, much less if you're only writing a few articles.
"Hypertension symptoms" is general enough to write a bunch of
articles under it, and it only brings up 40,000 competitors in Google.

The first objective of keyword research, to narrow down our niche
based on the competition, has been achieved. The second goal is to
find keywords that our articles will target. What you want to do is get
at least 15 keywords that you are going to use to write content on.
The keywords I'm going to use are the following.....

Pulmonary Hypertension,
Hypertension Symptoms,
Portal Hypertension,
Malignant Hypertension,
What Is Hypertension,
Symptoms Of Hypertension,
Primary Pulmonary Hypertension,
Sleep Apnea And Hypertension,
Diet For Hypertension,
Pregnancy Induced Hypertension,
Hypertension Medications,
Episodic Hypertension,
Hypertension Treatments,
Hypertension Exercise,
Information On Hypertension,
Cure For Hypertension,

That is 17 keywords there. I could probably find 20 to 30 for this term
alone, maybe even 50 if I dug around. But 17 will do this for purpose.
There is nothing stopping you from finding a very broad topic to cover
and writing 100+ articles on it. I did that with, and sold that site for a pretty penny.
When you go through these figures that show you what unique
content is worth, you know why I get hopped up just writing about


How a Foreigner company contacted me that they want to buy my website for $15,000 back then in 2011. I refused and told them i wanted $40,000. they could not bid higher so I kept my website without selling. for me my website was like pension for me.


However, if it was today (2015) I would have grab the 3 million Naira

and build myself a New Top rated website in just a week use less than #200,000 to do adverting and promotion for a whole year. best of all thousands of my client already have my name, email, phone numbers to get new business from them.


Yes I would have use the  remaining balance of #2,800,000 to acquire plots of land in the New Uyo ( Newly develop area that everyone is itching to get a a plot )


This Write-up is just a brief of the ways to making Money online create simple site and selling them. they are usually blogs site. give me a call on 08063323389 and I will show you and teach you what to do to make Money online flipping website for profit. 


The process was simple enough. I found an article directory script.
Type "Article Directory Script" into Google and you will even find free
ones. I am not going to mention the one I use as I am not happy with
it. It did the job, but there must be something easier out there.

I found on the forums at a domain name with a PR
ranking of 4 for under $50, so I purchased it. It was a generic domain
name, with no meaning, which is what I wanted. It was short as well.
I then wrote and had written just over 500 articles on all different
niche subjects and I put them all up on the site in their different
categories. I had articles written in batches of 5 and 10. So each
niche topic would have 5 or 10 articles written about them.

The articles were written in pure bum marketing fashion, meaning
each article was written to target a keyword of that niche. Like "Best
Trout Fishing Lures". The site cost me very little to create other then
time and writers for just over half of the articles. I found writers who
charged from $5 an article. I wrote a lot of the content myself, but I
am a fast writer and can churn out quality articles in 10 to 20 minutes.

I actually talk all about that in my membership site at....
I put all the articles up over a period of a few months. By the time I
went to sell the site I had already a handful of top 10 listings for some
of my articles and was making money with Adsense automatically.
This is why sites sell. Unique content is great, but content sites with
good search engine ranking and automatic money coming in with
Adsense, sell so quickly, you CANNOT keep up with demand.

It really is that simple. If you throw enough mud against the wall,
something will stick. Would I say this was easy work? No. Would I
say I was happy with $12,000 for the work, yes and no. I like cash,
but I think if I kept the site for a year and added another 500 articles, I
could have sold it for 10 times that price.

An article directory or content site with 1000+ unique articles, 100+
top 10 listings in Google and MSN and a few thousand in Adsense
every month, plus maybe even a forum or loyal reader base, and you
are looking at a site that will sell for more then most people will earn
in a couple of years. That's no bull.

If you are prepared to work and follow the plan I have set above, you
will make money. It would be near on impossible not to.
Final Thoughts

Now imagine having 30 to 40 content sites up and running making a
nice automated income of $20 a month with Adsense and a couple of
top ten rankings to go along with it. Also imagine having 5
membership sites up and running making $1000 a month for you
without much work, don't forget having a few how to video series
products earning you money while your affiliates promote it for you.
Then, your article directory with 500 articles in it takes off and you
have 50 to 100 top 10 listings in Google and MSN and is earning you
a nice little income every month as well.

Do you think that this above is worth something? A lot of people don't
understand just how powerful UNIQUE CONTENT really it. Unique
content makes the Internet go round. Unique content with profits = a
gold mine and it doesn't take a genius to get started! Just do

Do you know how much you could sell all the above businesses for?
You are looking at $70,000 to $100,000 in cold hard cash for a few
months work. Do you realize just by reading this ebook that you now
have a plan to follow that will give you a business that is worth a lot of
money. All you have to do is follow it.

This information may not be new to you, but if you follow this plan,
you will make money. It just will be. There is no way around it.
Businesses like these are assets. Spammy auto generated crap is
not. It has no resale value.



This Write-up is just a brief of the ways to making Money online create simple site and selling them. they are usually blogs site. Give me a call on 08063323389 and I will show you and teach you what to do to make Money online flipping website for profit.




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